case studies

Summerfield Browne acted on behalf of a packaging company issuing a claim for £12,000.00 in relation to a breach of contract, for the return of a deposit over disputed software works to a Client’s website. Summerfield Browne were able to fully investigate, negotiate and settle the claim outside of Court proceedings for over 60% of the original claimed amount due to our expertise in commercial litigation and breach of contract claims. We instructed Jennifer Brenton from 33 Bedford Row chambers to prepare particulars of claim on this matter.

Commercial Litigation

Property Litigation

In a recent case Tom Lathom obtained a possession order in 14 days on behalf of his client (the landlord of a property in Northamptonshire). The tenant owed over £5,000.00 and Tom obtained a county court judgment (or CCJ) for the rent arrears. The client was happy with the outcome in the knowledge that once the 14 days expired eviction proceedings could be commenced. Tom assisted the client with issuing the claim, writing the relevant witness statements and conducted his own advocacy at the hearing. By representing his clients in court Tom can often save his clients from paying expensive barristers’ costs.

Chinese Biotech Company


Christian Browne advised a Chinese Biotechnology Company in relation to whether CE mark certification was required in connection with the importation of biotech products into the EC. Chris Browne said that “Summerfield Browne has strong regulatory experience and expertise in many diverse fields, which was of significant benefit in advising on CE certification”. He stated that “we also have significant biotech capability and advise a broad range of biotech clients on a wide range of matters including intellectual property matters and also collaborations and partnering arrangements”.

Sale of Business


Christian Browne advised the owner of an accident repair business in relation to the sale of the business as a going concern. The consideration was well in excess of £1 million. Christian Browne said that “Summerfield Browne solicitors have a strong corporate team which can provide expert advice in relation to all aspect of a business sale including property, employment and general commercial law”. He also said that “the parties wanted to conclude the deal in a few weeks which, given the complexity of the transaction was certainly interesting, but we managed to get it over the line within the very short timescale, which pleased our client”.

Winning a Litigation case in the County Court


There have been two recent notable cases where our Senior Solicitor, Tom Lathom, has achieved excellent results for his clients. The first case involved a boundary dispute. Tom specialises in property litigation and met with the clients face-to-face at the Birmingham office. The clients had been made subject to a CCJ (a County Court Judgment) as they had failed to file a Defence. Tom’s clients had been representing themselves as litigants in person and had found the court process both stressful and daunting. When the clients initially met with Tom it appeared that all hope was lost and they had resigned themselves to losing the claim. After discussing their position and Tom advised the clients to make an application to set aside the County Court Judgment. Due to his extensive County Court experience Tom represented the clients in Court himself (avoiding the need to instruct a barrister).


The County Court Judgment was set aside and this means that Tom’s clients can defend the claim and have the opportunity to participate in alternative dispute resolution (i.e. attempt to settle “out of court”). The clients have been extremely impressed by Tom’s handling of their case and feel more confident in fighting their corner.


Tom specialises in property dispute litigation and the lawful recovery of property (commonly known as “eviction proceedings”). In a recent and notable case Tom was instructed in relation a landlord and tenant dispute where the tenants had stopped paying the rent. Tom was instructed on behalf of the landlord of a residential property in Northamptonshire. The tenant was refusing to vacate the Property and owed over £5,000.00 in rent arrears. Tom took the client’s instructions, prepared and served the Section 8 notice on the tenant and, when the tenant refused to move out of the property, issued possession proceedings. The case was listed in the Northampton County Court and Tom represented the landlord in court. The Judge Ordered possession and the landlord obtained a County Court Judgment against the tenant.  Tom is now advising the landlord on enforcement options. By preparing the Court documents and representing the client in Court himself Tom’s approach is both personal and cost-effective. Since obtaining the Order for Possession (also known as a Possession Order) the tenant has moved out. The client was extremely happy with the result in Court and is even more happy to have their property back!

Sale of Share in a Company


Christian Browne of Summerfield Browne Solicitors acted for the sellers of shares in a SME tooling company to a French buyer. Christian Browne commented that “this transaction was technically quite complex and involved quite a lot of legal and commercial due diligence, and also negotiation of extensive warranties and tax covenants. However the deal ran relatively smoothly and completed on the projected completion date which made the clients very happy indeed. We also managed to protect our clients’ interests with limited ongoing liabilities which was fantastic”.

Claim against liquidator


A long running case involving a creditor’s claim against a liquidator was successfully resolved in the High Court last month bringing an end to a dispute that had been ongoing for more than a year and a half. The case was complex and involved a director who had liquidated a company and disposed of company assets. With the help of Tom Lathom the creditor successfully removed the liquidator and appointed their own as well as securing an order for costs.

Defamation case study


We were recently instructed by a client who had been representing herself as a litigant in person against a company. The case involved comments that our client had posted on the Facebook social media platform. Our client had received a defective product and had received extremely poor customer service and had shared her views of the company on Facebook. The company in question had read the comments on Facebook and had written to our client threatening her with court proceedings. Our client believed that she was entitled to write what she wanted on Facebook as long as it was the truth. Our client was adamant that all the comments that had been written were true.


A claim was issued against our client in defamation and we raised several defences on behalf of our client. The case was listed as a small claim and proceeded to smalls claims mediation which is a free service that is offered by the courts to assist the parties in settlement negotiations. It is a useful service that is conducted over the telephone and, if successful, can avoid the need for a court hearing. It is often much cheaper to use the small claims mediation service (SCMS) than going to court.


After around 30 minutes on the telephone to the mediator we managed to settle the claim for just 5% of the claim value!


Our client was over the moon with the result and managed to avoid months of stress and uncertainty in going to court not to mention saving legal costs.


How we can help you


If you have posted comments online regarding the goods and services that you have received from a company and they have threatened you with defamation court proceedings and you need advice on what to do next please do get in touch.

Successful Resolution of Litigation Dispute against RVA Surveyors


Summerfield Browne Solicitors advised a client regarding a Business Rates Dispute with RVA Surveyors. The matter was to be heard on the fast track and as such had cost implications for both parties. However our Laura Everson advised on and resolved the Business Rate Litigation to the great satisfaction and happiness of our client.