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A marriage can break down for many reasons, it is often a time of heightened emotions where difficulties can arise unexpectedly. If you find yourself in the position of questioning your grounds for divorce, or are confused as to the procedure, then our dedicated team of specialist divorce lawyers can help.


Our team of matrimonial lawyers can advise you on the most appropriate course of action, and hopefully reduce some of the stress. Our divorce solicitors will robustly assert your rights, in order to secure the financial settlement you deserve.


Grounds for Divorce


In general, the court will accept a petition for a divorce if one of the following grounds can be satisfied:


  • Adultery.

  • Unreasonable Behaviour such as drug-taking, verbal abuse, physical abuse.

  • Desertion.

  • You have lived apart for more than two years, and both you and your husband/wife are in agreement to the divorce.

  • You have lived apart for more than five years.


Our matrimonial lawyers will be able to analyse your situation to determine the most appropriate ground for divorce.

Divorce Procedure


Once this has been determined then our divorce lawyers will advise on the divorce procedure which may include:


  • Filing a divorce petition - our team of divorce solicitors can advise on all aspects of preparing and filing a petition.

  • Applying for a decree nisi – we can assist with applying for a decree nisi.

  • Applying for a decree absolute - this legally ends your marriage, however you must wait a minimum of 6 weeks, after the decree nisi before you can apply for a decree absolute.


The divorce procedure can be overwhelming for many individuals. However, our divorce lawyers will guide you through each stage of the process, ensuring that you achieve your ultimate goal, and can move on, and start afresh.


Matrimonial Services


Our team of matrimonial lawyers will use their expertise to guide you through your divorce, and are able to offer guidance and advice on numerous matrimonial law areas, including:


  • Formal Separation Procedure.

  • Child Care Arrangements.

  • Housing Entitlement.

  • Change of Surname.

  • Financial Settlement.


Why Summerfield Browne?


Our matrimonial lawyers know that the experience of a divorce can be overwhelming, so we shall guide you through the process, and keep you updated along the way. Our team of specialist divorce lawyers know that this can be a sensitive time, where conflicts and complications often arise, which is why we shall be sensitive to your needs, thereby easing your burden.












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