Has your home been insulated with incorrect and/ or defective cavity wall insulation? If so then we can assist.


What are the signs of defective cavity wall insulation?


The signs that you may have defective cavity wall insulation include:


  • Damp and peeling wall paper;

  • Condensation on windows and walls

  • Mould, mildew and fungus

  • Structural problems with your property;

  • Subsidence.


What are the issues?


The issues relating to defective cavity wall insulation include properties where Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI) was installed but were unsuitable. Steel frame buildings that should have been insulated with External Wall Insulation (EWI) and not CWI. Poorly or incorrectly installed CWI.


What can you claim?


You may be able to claim for loss and damage resulting from the defective insulation including:


  • Replacement of the wall insulation;

  • Loss and damage caused by damp;

  • Loss and damage caused by structural problems with the property;

  • Loss and damage caused by subsidence;


Who can you claim against?


If the installer of the insulation still exists then you could bring a claim against them. Their work should be covered by insurance and therefore the insurer may also be indirectly involved in any dispute.


There are many instances where the CWI installer does not exist any more and therefore bringing a claim will be more difficult but not necessarily impossible. We can help.


What to do next?


Why don’t you call our cavity wall insulation solicitors to discuss your problem and how we can assist.

Cavity Wall Insulation Solicitors & Cavity Wall Insulation Lawyers




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