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Group action claims, often referred to as class action claims are on the increase in England, and one explanation for this is the advantageous position that they can provide to claimants. All civil litigation claims have the potential to be overwhelming and may even deter individuals who have a substantial claim, however a group action claim can offer reassurance and minimise risks to the individual.


Recent legislation changes under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, now mean that it is easier to bring a claim against a large corporation. Under the new legislation a new ‘opt-out’ system, as opposed to the previous ‘opt-in’ system has been introduced. One implication of this is that a class action can be brought on behalf of a defined set of claimants, excluding those who ‘opt-out’, thus making it easier for you to bring a group action claim. Our class action lawyers can advise further on such rights.


Advantages of a Group Action Claim


A group action claim can be brought by a number of individuals who all share the same claim. ‘Strength in numbers’ resounds with all class action claims, for the more evidence that you can acquire as a group, then the stronger the potential claim.


Our team of group action lawyers know that the daunting thought of legal costs are a strong deterrent for many, however with a group action dispute these costs can be shared between all claimants, including:


  • any court fees.

  • any documents produced by our civil litigation lawyers and which are applicable to each claimant can cut costs drastically.


Another powerful advantage of a group action claim is that it can provide an individual with the confidence to pursue a claim against a large company. Group action claims are often highly publicised, with claims being brought against large multinational corporations.




If you find yourself in the position of believing that you have the potential for a successful claim, and have found others in the same situation, then get in touch with our team of class action lawyers, and we will be happy to advise, and offer guidance on your class action claim. The general procedure for any individual or group wishing to bring a claim in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules is set out below:


  • Letter of Claim – This details the full legal grounds for a claim and sets time limits in which a response must be received. The letter of claim must evaluate whether alternative dispute resolution (ADR) would be appropriate in the circumstances. Our group action lawyers can analyse the strength of your claim and draft an appropriate letter.

  • Letter of Acknowledgement - The letter of claim should be acknowledged by the opposing party.

  • Letter of Response - The opposing party should reply and admit/deny liability for the claim, and should show willingness to use ADR where applicable.

  • ADR - If ADR is a viable option then this will be undertaken upon agreement by both parties. An example of ADR is mediation, which is often used to settle claims outside of court. Without Prejudice negotiations are another form of ADR. Our class action lawyers can advise you on the most appropriate form of ADR for your claim.

  • Part 36 Offers - They are an offer to settle, and have to comply with Part 36 of the Civil Procedure Rules. They can be a significant tactical weapon and in certain circumstances can put pressure on the opponent to settle the claim.

  • Court Hearing - If your case proceeds to a hearing, then it will be allocated to a specific track, this could either be the small claims track, fast track, or the multi-track depending on the monetary size of the claim.


Why Summerfield Browne?


Our group action solicitors will initially assess the merits of any potential claim. We will then provide an honest assessment and opinion on the likelihood of successfully bringing or defending your class action claim. Our class action solicitors will not allow you to waste your time, effort and money where the chances of succeeding in a group action claim are low.

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