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We are a modern and progressive commercial property law firm and operate a new legal services business model which significantly reduces our overheads and which means we can transfer the benefit of those cost savings back to our customers in the form of competitive fee rates.


What sets us apart from many other commercial property solicitors is that we deliver legal services using a business model that utilises the best aspects of the traditional commercial property law firm but which also incorporates a flexible consultancy based legal services model. This means that many of our commercial property solicitors are consultants who work remotely at various locations in England and by using the latest IT technology they can service our clients anywhere in England and Wales. Our business model means that clients have the option of choosing either remote delivery of legal services which is simple, effective and cost efficient or alternatively the more traditional delivery of legal services via meetings in person at either our serviced offices or at the client's business premises.


With the exception of our administrative headquarters, we only use serviced offices for basic needs such as telephone answering. Any additional fees for meetings are only incurred on an "as and when" used basis which means that we do not incur many of the significant property overheads which are incurred by other more traditional commercial property law firms.  


Our commercial property solicitors have extensive experience of advising on all aspects of commercial property law. In addition to providing expert guidance on commercial property, we also try to ensure that any advice is provided in a timely manner, so that you can complete your transaction as swiftly as possible. We realise that a prolonged engagement could have a detrimental impact on our client's business.        


Our commercial property solicitors act for both landlords and tenants and provide the following commercial property legal advice:

Commercial Property Lawyer, Commercial Property Solicitor, Birmingham, Cambridge, Leicester, Northampton, Oxford

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Please contact us on 0800 567 7595 or by email at [email protected]


Alternatively, you can contact each of our offices on 020 3292 1306 (London); 0121 259 0005 (Birmingham); 01223 420252 (Cambridge); 01865 784098 (Oxford); 01858 414284 (Market Harborough); 0116 208 1495 (Leicester).


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0800 567 7595




We have offices in London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Oxford (all by appointment only), Leicester and our administrative office is in Market Harborough, Leicestershire.


All correspondence and post should be sent to our Administrative office in Market Harborough and we shall not be liable in the event that correspondence is sent elsewhere.


We provide legal services all over England and Wales.


Houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) - Section 254 of the Housing Act 2004 provides certain criteria to determine   as to whether your property falls under the definition of “House in Multiple Occupation” commonly known as an “HMO”.  There are however certain exemptions such as social housing (where the HMO rules do not apply).

Planning Permission/ Applications - Are you considering a planning application? If so we can assist with advising on the complex procedure for making a successful planning application

Landlord and Tenant Litigation and Disputes - Unfortunately disputes between landlords and tenants are a regular occurrence, and our dedicated team of commercial property solicitors can provide commercial and pragmatic advice and robustly enforce your rights  

Termination and Renewal of Leases - If you are considering either terminating or renewing a lease then we can safeguard your interests and ensure that you achieve your goal with the minimum of risk and fuss

Leases - Our team of commercial property lawyers draft, review and negotiate leases and can provide guidance on the key terms that need to be considered in your specific transaction

Commercial Property Conveyancing/ Buying and Selling Commercial Property - If you are considering buying or selling commercial property then our commercial property team can assist with advising you on every stage of the transaction. We realise that completing such transactions in a timely manner is very important to our clients, and where possible we go the "extra mile" to complete such matters as soon as reasonably possible

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