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Our specialist agricultural lawyers know that farmers and landowners need specialist legal advice in the highly niche area of agricultural law. The farming sector has become highly diversified and has developed from just selling and buying land, to requiring advice on tax planning, subsidies and trusts and also commercial landlord and tenant matters.  

Areas of Expertise


Our farming lawyers can advise you on a wide range of agricultural matters, including buying and selling property, planning regulations, estate planning, employment, animal welfare, agricultural regulation, pollution and subsidy reforms.  


We have experience of dealing with property related options and developments, sales and purchases and we also advise on business structures.  


Our team of agricultural lawyers also advise on the following agricultural matters:


  • Land development and planning.

  • Landlord and Tenant matters.

  • Farm financing and credit,

  • Defra/Rural Payments Agency disputes.

  • Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act, and planning appeals.

  • Commercial contracts including dairy industry supply and distribution.

  • Farming and land disputes and litigation.

  • Estate management.

  • Environmental issues.

  • Wind farms.

  • Telecommunication sites.  


The Future of Agriculture


As modern technologies and processes emerge, intellectual property in relation to genetically modified crops, and also farming technology will become key issues in relation to the development of the agricultural sector.  


The future of farming is evolving into engineering, biotechnology and hydrology and our agricultural lawyers have the knowledge in these areas, including specialist patent and intellectual property expertise, to assist you and your business deal with such evolutionary issues.


Why Summerfield Browne?  


The head of office of Summerfield Browne is based in rolling farmlands and hills.  Our farming lawyers understand the needs of rural farmers and businesses, and have specialist knowledge of the legal issues that affect the rural sector.  Because our agricultural lawyers understand your issues and the environment you work and live in, we can provide specialist commercial and pragmatic advice, which will add value to your farming business.

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