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Fraud and cybercrime scams are becoming far more sophisticated and common. This is in part due to the ease with which personal information can be accessed and exploited online. It is also partly caused by the ease with which bogus individuals can create, what appears to be a legitimate and honest, but ultimately false persona.


We can advise on a wide variety of fraud and cybercrime scams including the following:


  • Investment scams - which typically involve investments that are either non-existent or worthless;


  • Property Investment scams - which include the following:


        - Unusual developments – such as buying individual hotel rooms or individual self-storage units.


        - Landbanking - buying small plots of land at inflated prices because it is claimed that the value will rise hugely if  

          planning permission is granted.


         - New build property developments abroad – people are invited to pay in full, or most of the costs for

           holiday homes before they are built, but the homes are never built.


  • Identity Theft - a criminal will take your identity by taking details about you from various sources including online details and they will use this to apply for credit or other financial benefits.


  • Telemarketing Fraud - happens when you are basically asked to act now or send money straight away in order to be able to access some sort of special offer, but there is no special offer.


  • Advance Fee Schemes - it means that you pay some money in advance for things like gifts, investments, contracts or loans, but you don’t receive anything back.


  • Debit Card and Credit Card Fraud - It is very easy to be a victim, in certain cases all that is required are your card details and numbers, which can then be exploited for financial gain.


If you are the victim of any of the above, our fraud solicitors will be able to evaluate your case and determine whether it is worth pursuing. You should be aware that it can be difficult to find out who was the perpetrator of the scam and pursue them. We will provide you with an honest opinion on the merits of your case, so that you do not throw good money after bad!



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