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All doctors whether training or fully qualified must be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). Any complaint made by a patient will be directed to the GMC. Our dedicated team of GMC solicitors have a wide range of experience in medical law, including defending doctors and surgeons who face patient complaints. Our team of GMC lawyers will be there to guide you through the entire process, and prepare an accurate defence on your behalf to ensure any damage is kept to a minimum.


GMC Complaints Procedure


The GMC upon receiving a complaint from a patient will conduct an investigation. At the outset of which they will issue you with a Rule 4 letter, this will state the full terms of the complaint. A full and thorough investigation will then be conducted, during this time the GMC will accrue evidence and a case for the claimant. At the close of this process you will be issued with a Rule 7 letter which will show the complaint and evidence against you in full. Upon receipt of the Rule 7 letter, you will have 28 days in which to prepare a response before a FTP hearing (fitness to practise hearing) will be held.


Our FTP hearing lawyers know that this can be a sensitive time when emotions can run high. That’s why at Summerfield Browne our GMC representation solicitors will speak to you in strict confidence, and always adhere to confidentiality rules. Each case will have different merits and we know no two cases are alike, that is why we will take the time to listen to you and build up a true chronology of events.


As there is a 28-day limitation period once a Rule 7 letter is issued, our GMC lawyers would urge you to make contact as soon as you receive a Rule 4 letter. This is due to the time it can take to gather evidence to aid your defence. Our GMC representation solicitors will work tirelessly to ensure you have the strongest and most robust defence to any such claims.


The GMC website provides guidance on the process involved.


Grounds for a GMC Complaint


A GMC complaint can be up held on the grounds of:


  • Misconduct

  • Health

  • A recent criminal conviction

  • Inability to speak fluent English


Employment Law Implications


Our specialism in employment law means we can also offer advice as to any employment implications that may arise throughout the course of a FTP hearing.


Why Summerfield Browne?


Summerfield Browne Solicitors will aim to reach a settlement, that will give you the peace of mind you need. Our team of GMC lawyers will robustly negotiate on your behalf, and endeavour to obtain the best settlement for you as soon as possible. We place great emphasis on client care, and believe that client relationships are the key to any successful law firm.


Our GMC representative lawyers are able to assist on a wide variety of grounds, simply e-mail [email protected] or call 01858 484 214 to discuss any potential complaint.

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