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Summerfield Browne Solicitors are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We are a modern and progressive law firm, and operate a new legal services business model, which significantly reduces our overheads, and which means we can transfer the benefit of those cost savings back to our customers, in the form of competitive fee rates.


What sets us apart from many other solicitors, is that we deliver legal services using a business model that incorporates a flexible consultancy based legal services model, which is perfectly suited to providing external in-house counsel services. This means that many of our solicitors are consultants, who work remotely at various locations in England, and by using the latest IT technology they can service our clients anywhere in England and Wales. Our business model means that clients have the option of choosing remote delivery of legal services which is simple, effective and cost efficient and which is ideally suited to providing outsourced in-house counsel services.


With the exception of our administrative headquarters, we only use serviced offices for basic needs, such as telephone answering and mail receipt. Any additional fees for meetings are only incurred on an "as and when" used basis, which means that we do not incur many of the significant property overheads, which are incurred by other more traditional law firms.    


We have a team of highly experienced lawyers who have all either, worked for leading law firms, or held senior positions in law firms. Please browse our team by visiting our Team page.


If you require outsourced in-house counsel services, whether as an interim measure to cover maternity leave or for an in-house project for instance, or alternatively on a permanent basis, then we can provide external in-house counsel services to you. Where possible we agree an in-house counsel retainer, which is a monthly retainer based on the amount of support you require each month. Where possible we agree the in-house counsel retainer as a fixed monthly fee, so that you can budget for the provision of legal services support in your annual cost budget. We know that clients do not like surprises when it comes to legal fees, and we have found that a fixed monthly fee in-house counsel retainer works well for clients.


We provide external in-house counsel services in relation to all areas of business law including corporate, commercial (including general commercial contracts), employment, commercial property, intellectual property, banking and finance, software and technology, litigation and debt recovery and internet law.


The advantage of using our in-house counsel services include:


  • We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and therefore the provision of our services must be in accordance with the rules of the authority.

  • We have comprehensive professional indemnity insurance.

  • Our solicitors are all highly experienced having worked for leading regional or national law firms.

  • We provide initial vetting of our lawyer’s expertise, and capability to deliver consultancy services.

  • Our outsourced in-house counsel services cover a wide range of commercial and business law areas of expertise.

  • The provision of our external in-house counsel services is flexible, and provided as and when our client’s require support.  

  • One month’s notice of termination of the retainer.


If you require legal support, why not contact us to discuss how we can help you, by providing outsourced in-house counsel services to your business.


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Please visit our Contact page and submit an enquiry form or contact us on 0800 567 7595 or if you are telephoning from a mobile on 01858 414284 or by email at [email protected]


Alternatively, you can contact each of our offices on 020 3292 1306 (London); 0121 259 0005 (Birmingham); 01223 420252 (Cambridge); 01865 784098 (Oxford); 01858 414284 (Leicestershire/ Northamptonshire).



We have offices in London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Oxford, Northampton (all by appointment only) and our administrative office is in Market Harborough, Leicester, Leicestershire.


We provide legal services all over England and Wales.