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Our injunction lawyers act fast and can advise on urgent and emergency injunction applications. If you require an injunction to require a party to either do a specified act, or to refrain from doing a specified act, then our specialist team of injunction solicitors can assist.


Our team act for either parties seeking to obtain an injunction, or alternatively for parties seeking to defend injunction proceedings. Our injunction lawyers advise on interim injunctions which tend to be urgent in nature, and are instigated either prior to commencement of, or during court proceedings. We also advise on final injunctions.


Types of Injunctions


Our injunction lawyers have extensive experience of advising on the following matters:


  • Freezing injunctions which restrict dealings with assets.

  • Injunctions to restrain breach of restrictive covenants/ confidentiality obligations by directors and employees.

  • Injunctions protecting intellectual property right-holder rights, particularly in relation to infringement matters.

  • Insolvency law injunctions including preventing a winding-up petition.

  • Injunctions to protect interests related to property.

  • Injunctions to restrain trespass and/ or nuisance.

  • Privacy and confidentiality injunctions, protecting personal privacy or confidentiality in business or personal information.

  • Family law injunctions.


Other Circumstances Where Injunctions Arise


Our injunction solicitors have extensive of advising on Quia timet and also Springboard Injunctions.


A quia timet injunction is granted in circumstances where no wrong has actually been committed, but is threatened. Therefore, it is important to establish that there is a strong probability, that unless restrained, the other party will cause irreparable harm.


Springboard injunctions have their origins in the law of confidentiality. Where confidential information is published so that confidentiality is destroyed, it is not possible to prevent or restrain the breach of confidentiality. In such circumstances a springboard injunction is granted to deprive the wrongdoer of the fruits of his wrongdoing.


Why Summerfield Browne?


Our injunction lawyers have extensive experience of robustly asserting rights in relation to injunction applications. Our injunction solicitors realise that applying for an interim application can be costly, and we will carefully analyse the merits of your case, to determine the likelihood of an injunction being granted. We will only advise on this course of action if the merits of your case warrant such action being taken.


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