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Our litigation solicitors will initially assess the merits of any potential claim or defence. We will then provide an honest, robust and pragmatic assessment and opinion on the likelihood of successfully bringing or defending a claim. We will not allow you to waste your money where the chances of succeeding in a claim are low. We shall also evaluate alternative dispute resolution options such as mediation and Without Prejudice negotiations to resolve your dispute quickly and effectively, thereby reducing your costs.  


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We are a modern and progressive litigation law firm and operate a new legal services business model which significantly reduces our overheads and which means we can transfer the benefit of those cost savings back to our customers in the form of competitive fee rates.


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Please contact us on 0800 567 7595 or by email at [email protected]


Alternatively, you can contact each of our offices on 020 3292 1306 (London); 0121 259 0005 (Birmingham); 01223 420252 (Cambridge); 01865 784098 (Oxford); 01858 414284 (Market Harborough); 0116 208 1495 (Leicester).

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0800 567 7595

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We have offices in London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Oxford (all by appointment only), Leicester and our administrative office is in Market Harborough, Leicestershire.


All correspondence and post should be sent to our Administrative office in Market Harborough and we shall not be liable in the event that correspondence is sent elsewhere.


We provide legal services all over England and Wales.


Tort and Negligence Litigation and Disputes - Our dispute resolution solicitors advise on all types of tortious claims including negligence

Employment Litigation and Disputes - We advise on all areas of employment litigation including unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, discrimination and breach of contract

Property Litigation and Dispute Resolution - If you are involved in either a commercial or residential property dispute including a landlord and tenant dispute, our dispute resolution team can assist you. We have extensive experience of advising on forfeiture, breach of the terms of a lease, rent arrears and lease renewals. We also advise on property ownership issues

Shareholder Litigation and Disputes - If you are a shareholder, who believes that actions taken by other shareholders and/ or directors have been unfairly prejudicial to you, then our litigation team can assist you. Our dispute resolution lawyers have extensive experience of advising on section 994 Companies Act 2006 remedies.

Director Litigation and Disputes - Our dispute resolution lawyers have a wealth of expertise advising on breach of director’s duties, breach of common law duty of care, wrongful trading and director disqualification. We will try to resolve any dispute with minimal disruption to you and your business.

Contract Litigation and Dispute Resolution - If you have a contract dispute, including breach of contract, or perhaps you wish to terminate a contract which may be challenged by the other party, then our litigation lawyers can provide expert guidance on how best to deal with your situation, and resolve any potential conflict.

Commercial and Business Litigation and Dispute Resolution - Our dispute resolution solicitors provide advice on all aspects of commercial litigation and dispute resolution. Our approach is to consider the merits of your claim and determine the most appropriate solution for resolving the matter.



"After 7 hours in Court the Judge dismissed the Claimants case and we were awarded full costs... one of the key factors that the judge took into consideration was the point you picked up... Well done you. Our thanks to you [Chris] and Lisa for your efforts."


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Our dispute resolution solicitors provide the following litigation legal advice:

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