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When you buy a New Build Property you are entitled to expect that the construction should be to a very high standard. However, it is not uncommon for there to be a few minor defects. During the first few days and weeks of occupation you should record these defects in a snagging list and then present them to the housebuilder for correction or repair.


Common problems that arise with New Builds


In our experience problems tend to arise with New Build Properties in the following scenarios:


  • If you present the snagging list to the builder and either the builder does not complete the repairs, and/ or the repair are not to a satisfactory standard.

  • The defects in the property are very bad, including structural issues and boundary issues and the builder refuses to acknowledge or accept the problem and does not undertake any repair work.


What should you do next?


You should try to resolve the dispute through negotiation with the builder and/or with the involvement of the NHBC, the new home warranty provider. However, if the builder refuses to co-operate and/or NHBC refuses to honour the terms of the warranty then you may need to proceed with Court action.


How can we assist?


We can assist you with each stage of your dispute including:


  • Liaising and corresponding with the builder and/ or NHBC warranty provider to resolve outstanding issues.

  • Using Alternative Dispute Resolution to resolve the dispute.

  • Threatening and issuing formal court litigation proceedings.


If your New Build property is not up to standard, you are entitled to claim for any loss and damage that you have suffered.  




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