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The NHS is a service designed to ensure the public’s health and wellbeing. However, this over-burdened service can be subject to claims for negligence and also medical errors. If you, or a loved one feel you have been the victim of negligent treatment at the hands of the NHS, then you may have a viable claim.


Our dedicated team of NHS claims lawyers know that one simple medical error can have serious implications for any individual, both physically and mentally. Our NHS claims solicitors will analyse the merits of any claim, and discuss the potential strategy that your medical claim could follow. We will not allow you to waste your time and money, and as soon we can, our hospital claims lawyers will provide you with a realistic opinion as to the potential risks associated with your claim. We know that medical errors can often be of a sensitive nature, that is why we adhere to strict confidentiality rules, and take the time to listen to you.


Our hospital claims lawyers can advise on a wide range of NHS claims including:


  • medical misdiagnosis.

  • incorrect prescriptions.

  • accident and emergency claims (A&E claims).

  • inadequate hospital care which can lead to other ailments including bed sores.

  • surgical errors.

  • many other medical claims.


Simply enquire at [email protected] or call 01858 414 284, and our NHS claims lawyers will be happy to listen to your enquiry.


Who’s Responsible?


The NHS can be held responsible for the actions of all medical practitioners employed by them. Our NHS claims lawyers will evaluate your claim, and determine whether to pursue a claim for negligence, or alternatively a claim for breach of contract. To bring a successful medical negligence claim against any NHS medical professional it must be shown that they have fallen below the standard of care expected of the ordinary skilled person exercising, and professing to have that special skill. The NHS medical professional must also show a logical explanation for their actions, which must then be accepted by the Court. Our NHS claims lawyers will explain all the legal issues and risks to you, to ensure that you fully understand the process and implications of bringing a claim against the NHS, and/ or a medical practitioner.

Funding Options


Our NHS claims lawyers can accept a variety of funding methods for negligence and/ or breach of contract claims. Our hospital claims solicitors can also arrange After the Event (ATE) insurance to cover liability for your opponent’s legal costs.


Why Summerfield Browne?


Summerfield Browne Solicitors will aim to reach a final settlement, that will give you and your family, the compensation you need and deserve. Our team of specialist hospital claims lawyers will robustly assert your rights whether prior to, or after court proceedings have been issued.

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