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Private Parking Tickets


It is possible that a parking ticket from a private parking firm such as Britannia Parking Group, Euro Car Parks, NCP and ParkingEye, might be unfair. If you get a ticket from a private parking firm which you believe is unfair, don’t just pay it, as it is more difficult to reclaim money once you’ve paid, than dispute it before paying.


Private Parking tickets are generally not fines and private parking companies generally have no official right to fine you, they are merely sending you a notice for what they consider to be a breach of contract.


What to do next


There are different routes to fight unfair tickets. Initially you should check if the firm is a member of a trade body or not, you should also check to see if there is a mistake on the ticket.


If the firm is a member of a trade body, there are various approaches to challenging the notice, that you could adopt including appealing the notice. If the firm is not a member of a trade body, then you should be careful about appealing the notice under the firm’s appeals procedure, instead it might be possible to simply challenge the notice and refuse to pay. You need to be careful with that approach as the firm’s only recourse if you refuse to pay would be to take you to court.  


Alternatively, you could possibly dispute a ticket if you think a firm has not followed the correct rules. Parking companies will often send a formal parking charge notice, 'Notice to Keeper', but there are specific rules around how Notices to Keepers should be written and sent, which could be wrong. If that’s happened, it's often possible to appeal on a technicality.


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