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If you have recently lost a family member or a close friend, then you may find yourself being appointed executor to their Will. This role can add stress to an already difficult time in your life, should complications arise. Our expert team of probate solicitors can ease this burden and be on hand to help you through the entire probate procedure.


The probate process is often daunting to face alone, and as a result an individual may choose to instruct a probate solicitor to help guide them through the procedure. Any legal fees incurred can often be covered for by the deceased’s estate.


Where Summerfield Browne Probate Lawyers Can Help


If you or a family member is confused as to whether you require a probate solicitor, some areas which our team of probate lawyers are able to assist include:


  • Guiding you through the process of probate.

  • Concerns over the validity of a will.

  • Disputes with regard to family members who have been left out of the will.

  • Any complex arrangements in the will, such as assets held in a trust or shares.

  • Any other litigation or disputes relating to probate or a will.


The Probate Procedure


Probate is simply the term used to describe the process of obtaining a grant of representation/grant of probate, which allows an individual to distribute the estate legally.


In most instances the deceased will have appointed an administrator in their will. If there is no will, then the deceased will be described as having died intestate, and the next of kin may apply for a grant of probate. Anybody wishing to act as an administrator of the deceased’s estate will have to apply for a grant of probate, whether they are nominated by the will, or choose to act as a result of next of kin status.


The individual who has been granted probate will have to ensure that:


  • any inheritance tax is paid.

  • collect the estate’s assets e.g. money from the sale of the previous property.

  • pay any remaining debts that the deceased owed at the point of death e.g. utilities bills.

  • distribute the estate which includes handing over property, money or possessions to the appointed beneficiaries.


Why Summerfield Browne?


At Summerfield Browne, we know that the experience of probate can be overwhelming. Our team of probate lawyers can guide you through the process, and keep you updated along the way. Our team of specialist probate solicitors know that this can be a sensitive time where conflicts and complications often arise, which is why we always endeavour to fully comply with the deceased’s wishes thereby easing your burden.

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