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What is a Boundary Dispute?


Have you recently moved into a new house or has a neighbour started work on an existing boundary separating your homes? If so walls, fences, hedges, sides of roads and buildings, edging stones, rivers, paths and common access roads can become a source of boundary disputes between neighbours.


Our boundary dispute lawyers have extensive experience of advising on a wide variety of boundary disputes. Where possible we will try to resolve any boundary dispute through pragmatic correspondence or by a meeting of experts before advising on issuing formal litigation proceedings, which should always be a last resort.  


Boundary disputes can be complex, as the boundaries between properties can look different to how they appear on Land Registry documents, and our boundary dispute solicitors can provide guidance on this issue.  Some documents recorded at the Land Registry are not drawn to specification and are not intended to determine boundaries.  The width of a line on a land registry document can be several metres on the ground.  Boundaries can vary over time due to the removal or replacement of a boundary, previous agreements between owners, and many other factors.


Whether you need help to determine a boundary, or finding out who has the responsibility of fixing walls and fences that have fallen into disrepair, or boundary encroachment on your property, or rights of way over your property, or the principles of adverse possession our boundary dispute lawyers can offer legal assistance.  


In certain instances, boundary disputes can involve trespass onto private property, and our trespass lawyers can advise you on your rights, and the best course of action to ensure that it does not happen again.


What are your rights?


A title register may give information about boundary lines only if it was included in the registered title deeds.  Certain types of marks on a plan or a deed can indicate ownership, or the responsibility to maintain and repair the boundary.  The wording in the deed must be read to obtain the interpretation of these marks.  Our specialist boundary dispute lawyers can review and interpret these documents for you, so that you will know your legal position, and therefore assisting you to be better placed to try and resolve the dispute with your neighbour at an early stage.  


If you are unable to reach an amicable agreement with your neighbour our boundary dispute lawyers can mediate on your behalf. Alternatively, if this is not successful, we can robustly assert your rights and try to resolve the dispute prior to the issue of formal proceedings.


Establishing ownership of land can be difficult from the property title documents, but our boundary dispute lawyers can advise on asserting your ownership rights by reviewing your documents and advise on prevention of further encroachment or trespass



How Summerfield Browne Solicitors can help you?    


We can give you advice on all types of boundary disputes and also prevention of trespass.  Our specialists are impartial and experienced at negotiating agreements that help people resolve disputes, rather than going to court.  If you have a question regarding boundaries, trees, blocked access or trespass we can help you avoid a stressful and distressing situation by offering you a practical and cost-effective dispute service.

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