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We are a modern and progressive regulatory law firm and we operate new legal services business model, which combines the best aspects of a traditional law firm, with cutting edge developments in the modern provision of legal services.


What differentiates us from most traditional solicitors practises is that we operate a hybrid legal business services model. This means that in addition to employing lawyers we also appoint consultant solicitors who deliver legal services on our behalf. Many of our consultant solicitors work remotely from low cost premises and using the latest IT infrastructure deliver fast, effective and efficient legal services.    


Our business model has a very low cost base. With the exception of our administrative headquarters we only use serviced offices for basic needs such as telephone answering. Any additional fees for using meeting rooms are only incurred, as and when we use the rooms. Where possible we pass these cost savings back to our clients in the form of costs effective fee rates. We do not incur the significant cost overheads, including expensive premises, of more traditional law firms.


Our experienced team of regulatory solicitors have extensive experience of advising on regulatory matters, and considering and reviewing statutory regulation. Our regulatory lawyers take time to understand your business model, and only then will they consider the implications of regulation upon your business.


Where possible our regulatory solicitors will determine a road map to ensure that you are aware of any regulation that may affect your business, and how best to deal with it. Our litigation solicitors also have expertise in defending your position in the event of a dispute with, or an investigation by, your regulator.


Our regulatory solicitors advise on the following matters:

Commercial Property Lawyer, Commercial Property Solicitor, Birmingham, Cambridge, Leicester, Northampton, Oxford

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Please contact us on 0800 567 7595 or by email at [email protected]


Alternatively, you can contact each of our offices on 020 3292 1306 (London); 0121 259 0005 (Birmingham); 01223 420252 (Cambridge); 01865 784098 (Oxford); 01858 414284 (Market Harborough); 0116 208 1495 (Leicester).



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0800 567 7595




We have offices in London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Oxford (all by appointment only), Leicester and our administrative office is in Market Harborough, Leicestershire.  


We provide legal services all over England and Wales.


Regulatory Investigations and Disputes – Our litigation solicitors advise on regulatory investigations and disputes. Where possible we adopt a conciliatory approach, and exploit ADR to resolve any issues as quickly as possible, without undue disruption to our clients’ business. We always ensure that we provide comprehensive strategic guidance on dealing with any investigation or dispute.

Commercial Contracts – Our regulation lawyers advise on, and draft commercial contracts which may be subject to regulation. We ensure that from the outset, our clients’ are aware of the impact of regulation on their commercial activities, prior to drafting a contract.

General Regulation – Our regulation solicitors advise on many other areas of regulation including energy regulation, chemical regulation and technology regulation. We evaluate the impact of regulation on your business, and develop strategies and solutions for dealing with it.

National Health Service funded Services – We advise on the regulatory and commercial aspects of NHS funded services. We also advise on, and negotiate, commercial contracts with the NHS. Our litigation solicitors can also assist with resolving disputes with the NHS.

Sfedi Awards – we advise on the legal and contractual aspects of Sfedi course development and delivery.

Ofsted Regulation – our regulatory solicitors advise on legal aspects of Ofsted regulation.

Ofqual Regulation – Our regulatory lawyers advise on legal aspects of Ofqual regulation. We draft relevant policies and procedures. We also advise on investigations and disputes with Ofqual.

Financial Conduct Authority Regulation – Our regulatory solicitors advise on the legal aspects of FCA regulation including, whether your business needs to be regulated. We also work with FCA commercial experts, in relation to submitting applications for FCA authorisation.

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