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S212-215 Schedule 10 Housing Act 2004 (as amended)  states any deposit paid to a Landlord at the commencement of a Tenancy should be protected by registering it in one of the registered schemes such as the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, The Deposit Protection Scheme or My Deposits.  This must be done within 30 days of the deposit being paid and a copy of the Certificate provided to the tenant by way of confirmation.


A deposit is any money paid to a Landlord or Agent that is held as security during the course of the Tenancy in case the Tenant does not comply with their obligations under the Tenancy Agreement.


If the Landlord fails to protect your deposit, you are entitled to a full refund together with up to 3 times the amount by way of compensation.


At the end of a Tenancy the deposit held by the Landlord should be repaid in full.  However, It is not unusual at the end of a Tenancy for disputes to arise over deductions that the Landlord wishes to make from the deposit.  This is usually to cover damage caused to the property by the tenant during their occupation.


It is best practice to ensure that at the start of a Tenancy a list of contents within the property is agreed by all parties and an inventory signed clearly detailing the each and every item and its condition.  At the end of your Tenancy, the Landlord is obliged to inspect the property.  It is sensible to be present during that inspection in order that matters can be agreed where necessary.


If the Landlord alleges that damage has been caused, they will want to make deductions from your deposit.  The registered schemes do have a procedure which allows parties to resolve deposit disputes using an independent adjudicator provided both parties agree.


Alternatively, a Landlord or Tenant can issue a County Court action in relation to disputes over the deductions to be made from the deposit.


We are able to offer advice and assistance in relation to tenancy deposit disputes whether they are being dealt with through one of the registered schemes or through the court.

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