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The enjoyment of a package holiday abroad can often be short lived should yourself, or a family member, fall victim to illness, or an injury that was not your fault. Our team of travel and tourism lawyers know that an accident or illness can put a stop to the pleasure of a relaxing holiday, and can be a significant disappointment. That is why our accident abroad lawyers continue to seek justice in order to compensate you for your lost time, enjoyment and money. Our illness overseas lawyers will support you throughout the entire process of bringing a compensation claim.


In order to reach a compensation settlement that you and your family deserve, our travel and tourism solicitors may utilise various alternative dispute resolution techniques, such as “Without Prejudice” negotiations or Part 36 Offers, to enhance the opportunity of settling the claim as soon as possible, while achieving the best result for you.


Bringing a Claim


The first issue to consider is whether an individual can bring a claim in the UK in connection with a holiday in a foreign country, and this assessment is dependent on a number of factors. Our team of travel and tourism lawyers can offer their substantial expertise in advising you on this matter, whilst providing their honest opinion as to the likelihood of success to your claim.


It is often the case that an illness or injury will be the result of negligent behaviour by another party such as the hotel, or tour operator. A strong claim for any accident or illness sustained abroad is often heavily reliant on evidence e.g. photographs of poor food preparation areas etc. If you suffer an illness or accident whilst abroad then our team of specialist travel and tourism solicitors would urge you to take photographic evidence of where the injury or illness occurred. Also, if you have knowledge of anyone else who suffered similarly to yourself; you should try to obtain their contact details, as this may prove a vital piece of evidence, and strengthen your claim.


Our travel and tourism lawyers are able to assist on a variety of illnesses and injuries, including:


  • Serious injuries sustained on your holiday.

  • Illnesses due to negligent care by your hotel.

  • Any injuries sustained on the hotel complex, or an excursion operated by the hotel or tour operator.

  • An accident whilst working abroad.

  • Cruise related incidents.

  • Road Traffic Accidents whilst abroad.

  • Many other types of injury.


Simply call our accident abroad lawyers and explain the injuries or illness that you have sustained, and our team of illness overseas solicitors will be happy to help and advise further.


Why Summerfield Browne?


Our travel and tourism lawyers will aim to reach a compensation settlement on your behalf, that will give you the compensation you need and deserve. Our team of specialist travel and tourism solicitors will robustly negotiate on your behalf, and endeavour to obtain the best settlement for you as soon as possible.

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  • Was your flight delayed for 3 or more hours?

  • Did your flight depart within the last 6 years?

  • Was the delay the airline’s reasonability i.e. technical fault and not ‘extraordinary circumstances’ i.e. bad weather?

  • Did your flight take off or land in the EU or was the flight with an EU airline?


If you answered YES then we can help you as you may be entitled to compensation and we can take care of this on your behalf.


The amount of compensation will depend on:



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Why Summerfield Browne?


Summerfield Browne Solicitors will aim to reach a final settlement, that will give you and your family, the compensation you need and deserve. Our team of specialist lawyers will robustly negotiate on your behalf, and endeavour to obtain the best settlement for you as soon as possible.

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